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Increasing Group Sales by Showcasing a True Experience.

Group sales are important to any zoo or museum as they are a significant proportion of the total annual revenue. Over the years the way the group sales were promoted went through many changes, from brochures to rack cards to flyers. Since the Aviary had completed a multi-million dollar renovation they asked me to look at refreshing this collateral.


When I began working with the National Aviary, the group sales piece was closely tied to the design and target demographic of the school programs. The colors were bright and fonts more whimsical, and the brochure didn’t offer a really good look into what the experience would be like.

Around the time that I shifted everything to a more sophisticated design, we revisited this piece and turned it into a profile sheet that can be handed out. This still didn’t give much insight into what a group would experience when booking.


Aligning to the Target Audience.

The library of photos available for all of the collateral pieces to this point were of birds from the collection and of people, but very few great images existed marrying the two. With the Aviary committed to investing in this sales-enablement piece, I recommended resourcing some new photos.

I had the opportunity to work with a professional photographer and art direct the kind of photos I thought would really showcase the Aviary. Visitors have a close and very interactive experience in each of the exhibits, and I wanted to capture how close and exciting this experience was. We used a combination of models chosen ahead of time and visitors we received permission from on the day of the photoshoot to encompass as much diversity in demographics as possible.

I added a custom illustrated map to quickly show the location in relation to the other landmarks and tourist locations nearby. I also isolated important highways and street names to be able to quickly identify directions.

The back cover was designed so that the piece could be wafer-sealed and mailed, replacing the need for a separate promotional post card. I allowed extra space here so that the Aviary could add personalization or customized message with promotion.